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Cozumel has a great local culinary scene, and a wide variety of different restaurants. The list below is certainly not exhaustive. It's just 3 of our favorites in each category, in no particular order. We've eaten in and liked many more than listed here, so do check back periodically. We come across new favorites all the time!

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Top 3 Cocinas Economicas

Literally translated, cocinas economicas are "economical kitchens." And they are just that... extremely reasonably-priced informal eating establishments. Most are open from 12-5pm and the meals are home-cooked style, in many cases in fact cooked in the bottom of the house where the family lives.

Las Palmas

Los Chilangos

Il Giardino

Top 3 Taco/ Torta Joints

When you think of Mexico, you think of tacos. Cozumel is strewn with tacquerias of all different shapes and sizes. From street vendors to full-blown restaurants, tacquerias are on almost every street in Cozumel. Sit down in one of these joints and order the traditional Tacos al Pastor and a cold beer. Not all serve alcohol but you can always satisfy your thirst with the traditional Mexican Aqua de Jamaica.

El Pique

Mister Taco

Tacqueria Hernandez

Top 3 Fine Dining

Cozumel has some fantastic fine dining options if you are looking to snazz up your night. You can dine near the waterfront or intimately in a cozy restaurant on Avenida 5. Many of the restaurants offer cocktails, tapas, wine menus and a creative spin to local ingredients.



La Cocay

(***additional recommendation; Buccanos at Night serving dinner Friday & Saturday)

Top 3 Casual Dining

If you are not in the mood for traditional Mexican street food or pricey dining, Cozumel offers a variety of other dining options. Yes you can find a Burger King, but there are other local places that will satisfy most appetites. Many of our favorite places offer a great menu and a bar. Some are located right in town, others slightly off the beaten path or on the water.

Del Sur Argentinian Empanadas

Rockn' Java's Thai Noodle Bar