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Vacation Rentals in Cozumel, Mexico: Rental Condos, Vacation Villas, & Houses

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General Amenities
110 listings found
Villa Bella
Gated Country Club Estates, Each Beach Access, Pool
From $400 USD/night $6000 USD/month
Villa L´and
Brand New Luxury Villa in the Middle of the Cozumel Jungle; 5 Min to Beach
From $1250 USD/night
Puesta del Sol 5N
Spacious Oceanfront Unit
From $225 USD/night
Casa Luxe
High Floor, Spectacular Ocean Views, Paddle Boards
From $450 USD/night
Casa Cazadora del Mar
Ocean Views, Building 4
From $110 USD/night
Casa Judy
Spectacular 5th Floor Condo, Close to Town, Best Sunsets in Cozumel
4 Reviews
From $175 USD/night
Casa Raya
Quiet Street, Corpus Christi Neighborhood
1 Review
From $90 USD/night $1500 USD/month
Residencias Reef 7110
Gorgeous 1-BR Unit With All The Extras
1 Review
From $145 USD/night
Casa Falcone
Comfy 2-BR Condo on Cozumel
From $125 USD/night
Studio Gracia
Brand New Studio in the Heart of Cozumel
From $75 USD/night $1000 USD/month
Residencias Reef 7360
Penthouse Unit, Great for Families
6 Reviews
From $499 USD/night
Casa Mark
2nd Floor Unit With Beautiful Ocean and Sunset Views
From $110 USD/night
Casa Gordon
16 Reviews
From $1900 USD/night
Casa Katie
Beachfront, Family-Friendly
11 Reviews
From $350 USD/night
Oceanfront, Amazing Price for the Location
10 Reviews
From $130 USD/night
Residencias Reef 8220
Wonderful Views, Private Beach, 15 Min to Town
13 Reviews
From $169 USD/night
Residencias Reef 8200
Corner Unit, 100 Yards to Fantastic Beach
From $120 USD/night $3000 USD/month
Villa Coronado
Beachfront, 5 Minutes to Town, Perfect for Divers
9 Reviews
From $400 USD/night
Casa La Ballena
5 Min From Downtown Cozumel, Oceanfront
11 Reviews
From $400 USD/night
Villa Paradiso
Brand New, Quiet North-Side Neighborhood
4 Reviews
From $325 USD/night
Selva Grande
Great Location, Large Home, 3 1/2 Blocks To Ocean
From $260 USD/night
Jungle Dream
Downtown Location, Swimming Pool, Close to Oceanfront
6 Reviews
From $125 USD/night $2250 USD/month
Villa Selva
3 1/2 Blocks to Ocean, Maid Service Every Other Day
6 Reviews
From $109 USD/night $1950 USD/month
Casa Phoenix
Oceanfront, 4-Bedrooms, Downtown
From $257 USD/night
Casa Tres Palmas
Large and Comfortable 3-BR Home In Downtown Cozumel
From $236 USD/night
Residencias Reef 6320
Spectacular 3 Bedroom Penthouse with a Great Rooftop
15 Reviews
From $300 USD/night
Villa Dos
A Perfect Villa for Large Groups
14 Reviews
From $599 USD/night
Studio Alegria
Wonderful Little Studio with Fantastic Amenities
From $75 USD/night $1000 USD/month
Studio Paz
Well Equipped Studio with Fantastic Common Areas
From $75 USD/night $1000 USD/month
Studio Amor
Great Little Studio with Amazing Amenities
From $75 USD/night $1000 USD/month
Casa Milan
1-Bedroom Apartment In a Great Location
From $70 USD/night $900 USD/month
Studio Orchid
1 Bedroom Long-Term Apartment
From $75 USD/night $1000 USD/month
Las Brisas 702
Amazing 3-Bedroom Penthouse On Cozumel
From $225 USD/night
Caballito Rojo
Great Two-Bedroom Unit With the Conveniences Of Being In Town
From $130 USD/night
Caballito Azul
3-Bedroom Traditionally-Decorated Apartment In The Heart of Cozumel
From $160 USD/night
Villa Caballitos
5 Bedroom Villa With Great Garden and Pool Area
8 Reviews
From $275 USD/night
Residencias Reef 5140
Great Two Bedroom Condo a Few Steps From The Beach
14 Reviews
From $310 USD/night
Palmas Reales 6A
Amazing Ocean Views
4 Reviews
From $210 USD/night
Cantamar 201
Cozy Oceanside 2-Bedroom
3 Reviews
From $129 USD/night
Residencias Reef 7240
Great 2-BR Condo in Residencias Reef
8 Reviews
From $180 USD/night
Villa Sara
BRAND NEW Luxurious Beach Retreat
15 Reviews
From $1250 USD/night
Villa Grace
Beach Front Paradise
14 Reviews
From $1100 USD/night
Villa del Sol
4 Bedroom Luxury Villa Directly on the Beach
6 Reviews
From $1000 USD/night
Villa Eden
Truly Spectacular 5 Bedroom Villa
24 Reviews
From $1100 USD/night
Casa Brenda
The Perfect Couple Getaway
5 Reviews
From $110 USD/night
Casa Estrella
Great Location, with Stunning Views
From $350 USD/night
Casa Coral
Great 3 Bedroom Condo in Downtown Cozumel
1 Review
From $250 USD/night
Casa Turquesa
Great 3 Bedroom Condo In a Fantastic Location
1 Review
From $250 USD/night
Palati Mou
Large Penthouse Unit with Rooftop Pool
8 Reviews
From $300 USD/night
Casa Libro
In The Heart of Cozumel
33 Reviews
From $300 USD/night
Villa Rosella
Private Villa, Pool, San Francisco Beach
20 Reviews
From $200 USD/night
Villa Paula
Spectacular Modern 4 Bedroom Villa, Beautiful Sunsets
5 Reviews
From $840 USD/night
Villa Yak Alil
Oceanfront Villa, Private Pool, Great Sunsets
14 Reviews
From $799 USD/night
Residencias Reef 8180
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
12 Reviews
From $179 USD/night
Residencias Reef 8170
The Living is Easy in this Studio
11 Reviews
From $79 USD/night
Casa Tropical
Tropical and Conveniently Located Close to Everything
10 Reviews
From $150 USD/night $1650 USD/month
Casa Denny
Central Location, One Block to Ocean
5 Reviews
From $140 USD/night $2300 USD/month
Puesta del Sol 6N
Oceanfront Living, Gorgeous Sunsets, Close to Town
39 Reviews
From $265 USD/night
Casa Playa Bonita
2-Floor Penthouse Unit with Panoramic Ocean Views
41 Reviews
From $190 USD/night
Residencias Reef 8380
1-Bedroom Condo For a One-of-a-Kind Vacation
24 Reviews
From $89 USD/night
Puesta del Sol 1S
Oceanfront, 3Bdr Living, Gorgeous Sunsets, Great Snorkeling, North Shore of Town
29 Reviews
From $180 USD/night
Coral Condo
Excellence from Sunup to Sundown
22 Reviews
From $175 USD/night
Villa Alegria
Steps from the Sparkling Blue Waters of the Ocean
24 Reviews
From $299 USD/night
Mondo Palancar
23 Acres of Oceanfront Opulance
19 Reviews
From $2800 USD/night
Residencias Reef 7130
Magnificent 1-bedroom Oceanfront Condo on a Famed Stretch of White-sand Beach
21 Reviews
From $99 USD/night
Villa Las Ventanas
Cool, Chic and On the Ocean
17 Reviews
From $349 USD/night
Residencias Reef 6240
Elegant Two-Bedroom Oceanfront Condo with Huge Wraparound Deck
24 Reviews
From $199 USD/night
Villa Iguanas Sur
Luxurious, 3000-Square-Foot Home Right on the Water
16 Reviews
From $329 USD/night
Villa Las Glorias
Your Tropical Home Away From Home in Beautiful Cozumel
20 Reviews
From $399 USD/night
Villa Ranas Sur
Gorgeous six-bedroom oceanfront villa
19 Reviews
From $329 USD/night
Villa Las Uvas
A fantastic five-bedroom, five-bath oceanfront villa with every conceivable amenity
16 Reviews
From $408 USD/night
Casa Por El Mar
Great 1-Bedroom Unit with an Ample Terrace
29 Reviews
From $100 USD/night $2500 USD/month
Villa Las Uvas II 3 BR
Everything Has Been Thought of at Villas Las Uvas
9 Reviews
From $219 USD/night
Villa Las Uvas II 1 BR
Paradise Perfection Awaits at Villas Las Uvas II
7 Reviews
From $129 USD/night
Casa Colorado
Step off the Terrace and Right onto the Sand
18 Reviews
From $145 USD/night
Casa Carlita
Great Pool Area, Conveniently Located, Cute House
45 Reviews
From $115 USD/night
Fantastic Ocean Views, Best Snorkeling In Cozumel
15 Reviews
From $190 USD/night
Hacienda Sombrero
Large Pool and Yard, Central Location, Corpus Christi Neighborhood
52 Reviews
From $135 USD/night $3400 USD/month
Casa Gonzales
Penthouse, Beach and Ocean Views
16 Reviews
From $260 USD/night
Casa Malloy
Ocean Views, Lots of Amenities, Two Pools
3 Reviews
From $125 USD/night
Oceanfront, 5 Min to Town, Great Snorkeling
36 Reviews
From $150 USD/night
Coconut Villa
Breathtaking Views, Bicycle to Town
38 Reviews
From $230 USD/night $3500 USD/month
Villa Princesa
7 Bedrooms, Oceanfront, Bike Path to Town
75 Reviews
From $230 USD/night $4200 USD/month
Casa Sora
Swimming Pool, Rooftop Terrace, 4 Blocks from Ocean
29 Reviews
From $170 USD/night
Residencias Reef 7160
One Part Luxury. Ever Bit Ideal
13 Reviews
From $95 USD/night
Island House
Private Walk-to-All Home, Pool, 4 Blocks to Ocean
27 Reviews
From $145 USD/night $3500 USD/month
Castillo del Rey
Lavish Gardens, Large Pool, 2 Blocks to Ocean
35 Reviews
From $135 USD/night $3400 USD/month
Las Iguanas
Seaside Oasis, Large Ocean Facing Pool, Ocean Views
56 Reviews
From $230 USD/night $4200 USD/month
Casa Kydove
Ocean Views from Balcony, WiFi
28 Reviews
From $120 USD/night $3000 USD/month
Casa Margarita
Under New Ownership, Redecorated Building 4 Unit
42 Reviews
From $110 USD/night $2000 USD/month
Casa de Aves
Ground Floor Location, Diving Pier
51 Reviews
From $145 USD/night $2700 USD/month
Casa Sharona
1-Bedroom Unit With Convenient Access to the Pool and Beach
44 Reviews
From $125 USD/night
Casa Julie
2nd Floor Unit with Wonderful Views from the Balcony
26 Reviews
From $123 USD/night $3500 USD/month
Casa Vista Hermosa
Spectacular Ocean View, 100 Yards to Beach
15 Reviews
From $130 USD/night
Casa Buena Vida
Right on the Sand, 1700 Sq Ft of Living Space
25 Reviews
From $270 USD/night
Casa Shirley
Large Condo, Heated Pool, Sauna, Massage Room
11 Reviews
From $350 USD/night
Monarch by the Sea
2-Floor Penthouse Unit with Wonderful Ocean Views
38 Reviews
From $220 USD/night
Vista de Paraiso
Corner Unit in the Building That's Directly on the Beach
22 Reviews
From $220 USD/night
Villa Vista del Mar
Ground Floor Corner Unit Directly on the Beach
17 Reviews
From $300 USD/night
Casa Jen
Large 5BR House, One Block To Ocean, Huge Pool
11 Reviews
From $330 USD/night
Casa Diane
Beautiful Condo, Ocean View, Fantastic Pool
27 Reviews
From $250 USD/night
Castaway Villa
Every Room With Ocean View, Heated Pool
15 Reviews
From $280 USD/night $4000 USD/month
Casita del Mar
New Everything, Residencias Reef, Building 1
26 Reviews
From $135 USD/night
Casa Phillip
Heated Pool, Fantastic Snorkeling
56 Reviews
From $300 USD/night
Casa de Paz
Central Location, Private Dead-End Street
22 Reviews
From $90 USD/night
Casa Ranchito
Authentic Little Mexican Casa
From $70 USD/night $900 USD/month
Casa de Case
Beautifully Furnished, Ocean Views, Great Beach
1 Review
From $220 USD/night
Casa Cielo
Private Pool, Jungle Gardens, Oceanfront
3 Reviews
From $465 USD/night
Villa Sol Haa
Private Beach, Large Pool, Lush Jungle Setting
25 Reviews
From $951 USD/night
Casa Izamal
Ocean Views from Sundeck, Private Pool, Lush Gardens