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Cozumel is Mexico's largest island. It is 28 miles long by 9 miles wide and resides on the east side of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula. It is separated from the mainland by 12 miles of clear blue tropical ocean. You can get here by plane or ferry, or you can simply hop on one of the manycruise ships that frequent the island daily (though you'll only spend one day here if you choose the latter, and that would simply be a shame!). Find out more information on how to join us on the island in our Getting Here section.

Cozumel has an incredibly rich history. The Maya first settled the island over 2000 years ago, the Spanish put the island on the world map with their conquest of the Yucatan Peninsula in the 1500s, and Jacques Cousteau launched it into the stratosphere in the 1960s by describing to the world the richness of the underwater life in the coral reef surrounding the island.

Present day Cozumel is a mix of tourism brought to the island by the building of a cruise ship terminal in the early 1970s, the divers that continue to come to the island to frequent the reef system, the handful of foreigners who came to the island to open businesses (including us!), and of course the local residents who, as you will find out if you come, are the most wonderful, hospitable people in the Caribbean!

The island currently inhabits about 95,000 full-time residents, most of whom live in and around the main town of San Miguel. 

In the sections to the left, we try to give you a bit more specific information about how to get here, where to eat, where to score the best Margarita on the island, and where to find that secluded section of beach. If there's any more information we can help you find, Contact Us. We also welcome your feedback and ideas.