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How do you dial a Mexican phone number?

To dial to a Mexican phone number from abroad (or from your foreign phone while in Mexico) dial 011-52-1 before the number.

Do you have a cook service?

Yes, we work with the one and only Cozumel Chef, a fine dining chef service that provides a unique culinary experience to remember. The chef is professionally trained and creates wonderfully inventive interpretations of Mexican dishes. Hire the chef for an anniversary, a birthday, or just a change of pace from having to go out to eat. Also, inquire about the chef’s grocery service, culinary technique classes or culinary tours of some of the islands best local cuisine.

Where should I rent a car and what does it cost?

Most car rental companies are present on the island. The best way to find a rental car is to go to and shop for the best deal. ACE/Executive and Thrifty usually have the best prices. For the best rate we recommend booking a car online before your arrival. Be sure to note that your pickup is at the Cozumel Airport and there will be someone waiting for you with your name on a sign. If you wait until you are on the island and book a car you may end up paying double or more!

Avis and Hertz are located inside the airport and will likely have slightly higher rates. Blueway, Ace/ Executive, Easy, Thrifty, and SmartCar are located just outside the airport, across the street. We've had good luck with both Ace/Executive and Thrifty. Both companies have the nicest cars.

Can I find cheaper airfare?

ToFlying into Cozumel is very convenient, but may be more expensive depending on where you are coming from. There are several direct flight cities from the US, but for most, you will have a layover before arriving to the island. Another option is to fly into Cancun, which can cost significantly less and be worth the extra travel plans to arrive on the island for less.

If you do choose to fly into the Cancun Airport you have a few options as far as getting to Cozumel. Your first option is to take 50-minute air-conditioned bus ride from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. The ADO bus runs from the airport to Playa del Carmen every hour and costs 106 pesos ($9 USD). Just walk outside of the arrival terminal to purchase your tickets at the booth. When you arrive in Playa del Carmen you will still need to take a ferryboat to get to Cozumel. The Playa del Carmen bus terminal is located on 5th Avenue. You will have to walk a few blocks to get to the ferry terminal. Take a right on 5th Avenue and follow 5th Avenue Norte all the way down to the ferry docks to purchase tickets for 150 pesos ($13 USD).

Your second option is to take a ride share van from the Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen and then cross by ferry to arrive to your final destination. The ride share vans cost approximately $23 USD and will drop you off at the ferry terminal in Play del Carmen. At the airport simply exit the arrival terminal and look for an employee with a transportation logo on their shirt organizing a direct ride to Playa. Once in Playa you will need to purchase tickets for a short ferry ride to Cozumel.

If you prefer private transportation, you may book ground transportation in advance from companies such as Cancun Limo, Cancun Valet, Entertainment Plus, USA Transfers, Best Transfers etc. Their representative will greet you upon exiting the airport. Cost may vary from $84 USD- $133.

Another option, if you do not wish to travel by boat is to book an additional flight on MayAir, a local Mexican “air shuttle” that connects Cancun to Cozumel. You can purchase tickets online or at the Cancun airport for $69 per person. The flight is ONLY 10-15 minutes.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

You do not need to speak Spanish to get yourself around in Cozumel. Most of the locals speak English, especially in the stores, restaurants or any public places. However, the Mexicans do appreciate it when you greet or thank them in Spanish. Here are a few phrases to get you started:

Hola / Hello

Adios / Goodbye

Buenos dias / Good morning

Buenas tardes / Good afternoon

Buenas noches / Good night

Gracias / Thank you

Sunday night is Family Night

Sunday is a day of rest on the island. There are usually very few, if any, cruise ships in on Sunday. Sunday is a great day to wake up late, go to brunch, enjoy a lazy beach day and then join the locals in the town square. Around 8pm in the San Miguel square a band sets up for dancing and the local Mexicans get all dressed up and join their families for some fun! This is a good place to observe authentic Mexican family life.

The North Wind (The Norte)

If there is rough weather in the states, the island may experience what the locals call “El Norte” (the north wind). Depending how rough the seas are, the port may be closed so any planned “ocean activities” may be postponed. However, if it is windy on the mainland facing side of the island, it is usually a good opportunity to take a day trip to the other side of the island, as the waters may be calmer.

Timeshare annoyances and who to avoid

Unfortunately, timeshare sales is “big business” on the island. It begins at the airport and there are sales guys that may try to capture your attention downtown. They will offer you a free car for the day, a trip, etc. If you are not interested in purchasing or looking, move on!

Where can I rent a moped/ scooter?

We strongly advise you against renting a scooter while in Cozumel. The danger factor involved with driving one far outweighs any entertainment value.