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Cozumel IRONMAN Triathlon

The Cozumel Ironman is a new event for the island; it started in 2009. It's been a pretty huge deal for the island since it attracts nearly 2500 athletes and is only one of 24 Ironman qualifying races in the world. 2009 and 2010 went off without a hitch and it has been a great event since then. It's fantastic to have so many dedicated athletes come to the island and enjoy it's beauty in a completely different way from the rest of us. After all, we don't typically get up at 7am and go for a 2.4 mile swim!

Over the years, we had a lots and lots of athletes stay with us. Many stayed at two developments in which we manage a number of condos and villas: Residencias Reef and Costa del Sol. Both places are really convenient for race participants and their families/friends: 1) they're right on the water 2) they're right on the bike/marathon course 3) most importantly, they're 10-15 min away from Chankanaab, the start of the race. So you get to stay in a beautiful comfortable place, away from the crowds that are staying at the big race-sponsored resorts, and still have the opportunity to jump in the water to practice, cruise the bike route, or check out the start beforehand.

But, if you would like to stay in downtown Cozumel, closer to the finish line rather than the start, we also have plenty of properties still available. Check out all the Cozumel vacation rentals available that week and contact us for availability.

Also check out our pics of the 2009-2011 Ironman on Facebook.