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Benefits for property owners or managers

Earn more than $5,500 usd per year by listing your property

On average, property owners and managers earn an extra $5,500 usd in annual rental income.

Get your property the most exposure

We have 100s of repeat customers who rely on us daily to find them the perfect Cozumel rental.

Free professional photography

We will take photos of your property at no charge and add professional photos to your listing.

Reach both English and Spanish-speaking customers

Your listing is professionally translated and advertised in both Englisha and Spanish.

Benefits for tour owners or operators

Access non-cruise ship travelers

Our average guest spends seven nights in Cozumel and books 2-3 tours per trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process of listing work?

If you own a home in Cozumel and you want to attract more rentals, we will help you by listing your home, for FREE, on our popular website and on such partner websites as TripAdvisor and HomeAway.

As inquiries for your property arrive, we will handle all communications with the potential renters. When they're ready to make a reservation, we will handle the payment processing / guest agreement, deduct a small commission, and send you the balance.

When your guests arrive, we can assist with guest management or you can let your existing property manager handle that part of the booking.


Margaret - Owner - Casa Margarita

Listing our property on has really boosted our occupancy rate, especially in the low-season months. Every little bit helps... Our experience has been that the site is a great complement to listing our property on some of the bigger rental websites.