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Josefinas Cocina Con Alma
Taste Authentic Mexican Cooking, Hands-on Instruction
$80 USD
A trip to the market to buy fresh produce
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Welcome, bienvenido! to  Josefina’s Cocina con Alama. “Alma“ the word for soul in Spanish is how authentic Mexican cooking begins. Today’s Mexican kitchen is a blend of indigenous (Mayan/ Aztecan), Spanish, French, and even a bit of the Middle East finds it way into the cuisine. This collision of cooking worlds provides a vast world ingredients that are vibrant and awake the senses. We invite you to explore and taste the many wonders of Mexcian cuisine through hands-on instruction with the wonderful cook & chef, Josefina. Join Josefina in her Cozumel home and kitchen for a day to learn how to make regional Yucatecan delights as well as other Mexican dishes from Josfina’s family home of Córdoba, Veracruz MX.

Josefina started cooking from the small age of 11. Her knowledge of the cuisine is deep and she is dedicated to introducing the unique flavors of Mexico to you. Immerse yourself for the day and learn about chiles, sauces, herbs, beans, tingas, corn, nopales and more! The class is designed for those that want a “taste” of Mexican culture. It is set up for all ages to enjoy, yet comprehensive enough for those avid cooks looking to hone and learn news kills.

Each class begins with an introduction to the Mexican kitchen and a plan for the days recipes (Note: For simplicity with groups Josefina has a few select main dishes to choose from – pork, chicken & or fish – specialty dietary requests may be made, but must be provided ahead of time). Josefina offers to teach you how to make REAL margaritas and/ or traditional Mexican agua frescas (flavored waters). Following introductions, Josefina takes you to the local market where she converses with the vendors to purchase needed ingredients. This market tour is a great opportunity to snap some photos while being introduced to traditional Mexican ingredients. Back in in the kitchen, you will cook a feast suited for the Mayan gods. If you are lucky enough to be staying on the island you can take some of the leftovers to go.

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Adult$80 USD